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« Dateline NBC Silent No More (HD, New, TV-PG) Savannah Guthrie conducts an exclusive interview with former USA Gymnastics National Team coordinators Bela and Martha Karolyi.
Little Big Shots Too Many Chefs (HD, New, TV-G) Children include a powerhouse singer from Spain, a seven-year-chef from India, a seven-year-old golfer with one arm and the youngest author in the world
Genius Junior Craniums and Brainiums (HD, New, TV-G) In the "Human GPS" round, contestants must memorize Greyhound bus routes throughout the country, before they can advance to take on "Number Cruncher."
Timeless The King of the Delta Blues (HD, New, TV-PG) Connor Mason joins the squad to rescue musician Robert Johnson; Agent Christopher keeps Wyatt in the present to carry out a raid on Rittenhouse headquarters.

« The Six Million Dollar Man The Cross-Country Kidnap (TV-PG) A computer programmer, who is in training to compete in the Olympics, has been threatened with the prospect of being kidnapped, so Steve trails her.
The Munsters Low-Cal Munster (TV-G) Herman gets invited to a reunion with his old army outfit but he finds that he is unable to fit into his old uniform, and Lily pressures him to go on a diet.
The Munsters Tin Can Man (TV-G) Eddie gets in trouble at school over his grades and is in danger of getting expelled, and the only thing that could save him is a science fair project.
The Munsters Herman the Great (TV-G) Herman decides he must start putting some money aside so that Eddie could go to college when he gets older and he takes a job as a professional wrestler.
The Munsters Knock Wood, Here Comes Charley (TV-G) Hermans con artist twin brother comes to town and stays with the Munsters for a while, against Hermans wishes; he tries to pull a con on Lily.
Magnum, P.I. Jororo Kill (TV-PG) A journalist that Magnum, Rick and T.C. know from Vietnam convinces Magnum to help her track down a cunning international assassin who is a master of disguises.

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